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Why do my kids keep growing?!

In summer, it's no mystery that kids are hungrier (raiding the fridge all day long), they play for longer (how much do you need to run them before they crash?!) and they sleep better (thank god).

But have you also found that every summer, your kids suddenly shoot up? Like the vegetable patch, it feels like a bit of sunshine and of course August showers (ah to be British!) and suddenly everything grows - and nothing fits your children anymore!

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So why do kids seem to grow more in summer than any other time?

It’s a great question, with hunches ranging from increased exposure to sunshine to bigger appetites. However a combination of less school-related stress, longer hours of sleep, eating more and other factors could all be contributing to growth spurts over the summer holidays.

The University of South Australia conducted a study to find out the reasons why children grow more over the summer. Their conclusions linked to the fact that children seemed to have better quality sleep in summer, thanks to a lack of stress. The lack of stress (and more active days) led to better sleep and better sleep releases a chemical that encourages kids’ growth.

How do you get the right fit for new school shoes?

Term Footwear understands that little feet (even if they seem a lot bigger than before summer) need proper shoes that fit correctly. Getting the right size can seem like a challenge, especially if you choose to browse the online shops like a lot more parents these days. But it certainly doesn’t need to be.

In fact online shopping can be hassle-free, quick and safer than in store shopping, and it doesn’t even need to be at the price of a good shoe fit. Term offers easy refunds / exchanges and guides on how to fit shoes properly so your kid can keep exploring, in play and at school, with footwear that looks good, lasts a long time and most importantly, is the perfect fit.

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Summer fun

Growth over summer might inevitably lead to new uniforms and new shoes, but the days of summer are to be enjoyed first! Summer is a time for memories to be made, especially after a year unlike any other in a pandemic. Keep your kids active wherever possible or try something new to keep them interested over the summer break. Remember they might be growing in height, but you’re growing memories and growing minds too!