buying School Shoes, how hard can it be?

Buying School Shoes, how hard can it be?

Get your kids ready for school with a fresh pair of school shoes. Need tips on finding the perfect pair? Here are the top factors to keep in mind before making your decision....

Check the School Dress Code! This can be an expensive mistake if you get persuaded to buy a style the new Head won't allow! 

Buy leather school shoes. It's tempting to go for the cheaper man made materials, they look good on the shelf, but imagine them in a few weeks or months after days of wear.
Just like that cheap white T Shirt that now lives in the rag cupboard.  

Durable soles, they're either being used for walking to school, scooting, or playing sports - you don't honestly think they'll change into their trainers do you?! 

Lace or Velcro?. Lace up's are much better for the fit of the shoe, feet change shape during the day, but laces can be stressful and annoying! A good Velcro/touch tape or elastic lace can alleviate the problem! 

Once you've got the pair you like, you're 1/2 way there!
Don't let the dog eat them, put them on the radiator to dry or use them as fishing bait!

Seriously though, dry them out in an airing cupboard with paper inside to absorb moisture. Give them a good polish afterwards to put moisture back into the leather (the natural oils have just been removed in the drying process) 
If you dry them on a radiator you may as well feed them to the dog, they'll look the same. If they smell like fishing bait, use vinegar to get rid of smells. 

Check out all our styles, we've got you covered! Have a question about School Shoes, send us a message and we'll come right back to you. 

(Please don't send messages about Fishing or Dogs, we only specialise in Shoes!)