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We make great shoes for kids!


Welcome to Term Footwear, the UK shoe brand which is exclusively designed with British weather in mind. We’re the founders of Term Footwear. We’re dedicated to putting great quality, comfortable, and fashionable school shoes and wellies onto the feet of kids across the nation, at an affordable price.

We’ve been walking this path since 2009 and what a journey it has been! The company began when we, as parents ourselves, faced a lack of choice for our children’s school shoes. Using Sharon’s South-African roots, bringing back school shoes whenever we visited families across the equator. A question from a family member, ‘where’s your entrepreneurial spirit?’, kickstarted the whole concept and Term Footwear has filled big boots since.

From distributing other brands to developing, designing and making our own shoes, our aim is to craft good-looking, and form-supporting school shoes! We firmly believe shoes for kids shouldn’t be stressful, and here at Term Footwear we offer peace of mind. We hope you enjoy rocking our shoes as much as we enjoyed designing and crafting them.

If you can't find what you need, please let us know, we want to help!

The Term team

The corporate bit 

Here at Term Footwear, we’re focused on bringing quality and comfort and fashion to as many feet as possible. Our B2B offering gives businesses across the country the opportunity to browse and stock a brand built to British specification, with British durability in mind. We have joined together with experienced UK designers to make shoes and boots with great comfort, design and fit, that let kids get on with their day to learn and play.

Term Footwear stands out because we focus on fashionable design and good fit. We make shoes that children of all ages want to wear, from the moment they try them on. Parents like Term Footwear for excellent quality and comfort, suitable for young feet to grow healthily and beautifully.

Our promise

Our no.1 priority here at Term Footwear is your happiness. Which means we stand by our product 100%, no matter what, no questions asked, no holds barred, no ifs, no ands, no buts. If you have a problem, we will solve it. Whatever it takes. Just reach out to us, we are here for you. Happiness guaranteed!

The team 

Meet the team working every day to put great shoes on feet and smiles on faces.

Sharon - Director/co-founder of Term Footwear brand and the driving force behind the brand and story. She built the foundations of Term, starting a school shoe business in 2010, distributing the Toughees school shoes brand from her home-country of South Africa.

Lincoln - Director/co-founder of the Term Footwear brand, and a real talent in sales and communications. A creative force with Sole Buddy, Lincoln can walk and talk shoes with anyone!

Dan - One of the best UK children's footwear designers with 20+ years experience. An honest and incredibly talented individual, our team is all the better for his contribution.

Vivienne - Finance manager in charge of keeping everything in order. The Yang to our Ying! Thanks to Viv and her secure financial management, we are a growing brand with a bright future.

Jeremy - Super footwear agent, with numerous years experience in children's footwear. Name any top children's shoe brand and Jeremy has represented it. His knowledge and expertise are fundamental to our brands.

Gail - Irish footwear agent representing Term to all her amazing customers, who have embraced the brand from day one. Gail is a vital link for Term across the Irish Sea, we couldn't do without her!




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