Boys Leather School Shoes

Boys Leather School Shoes


      Term Footwear, where sophistication meets durability in our Boys Leather School Shoes. Our lace-up designs offer timeless style and robust construction to support your young student's educational journey.


      Boys Leather school shoes

      Classic Lace-Up Design
      Our Boys Leather School Shoes feature a classic lace-up design, providing a secure and adjustable fit for all-day comfort. Whether he's walking to class or participating in sports activities, these shoes offer stability and support for his every step.

      Timeless Style
      Timeless boys' leather school shoes, are range comes in a selection of colours and styles, showcasing their timeless appeal and versatility. Perfect for your child is donning their school uniform, these boys leather school shoes bring an air of sophistication to their uniform.

      Premium Leather
      Our high-quality genuine leather and patent leather shoes have the perfect blend of support and durability. We use best-in-case materials from 'Gold' Rated tanneries and quality synthetic suppliers. We control our supply chain so nothing harmful goes into our boys leather school shoes

      Comfort and Growth
      All of our boys leather school shoes have growth built into them as standard. This allows the child's foot to develop naturally during the shoe's life. We have positioned flex grooves in the sole unit, flexible sports construction, and an expertly designed upper that allows the shoe to flex with the foot's natural movement, with car tyre-like technology which pushes water away and increases grip and safety.


      From junior boys and girls school shoes to senior school, we believe in giving kids a fantastic footwear experience from the moment they start to their last day of term.

      We’re dedicated to putting great quality, comfortable, and fashionable school shoes and wellies onto the feet of kids across all schools, at an affordable price.