Boys Schools Shoes, slip on lace up black leather shoes for school

Boys School Shoes


      Looking for junior boys shoes? Or do you have the unenvious task of finding the school shoes for your teenage boy? Featuring active and durable lace-up school shoes for football, smart and suave, black leather school shoes for the seniors, or even a simple plain black school shoe design for the boys who just don't mind, Term covers all bases.

      Our shoes are designed with comfort in mind, moulded by careful design, and are made with durable, high-quality materials. Smart or active-inspired - don't miss out on the boys school shoe collection where you can find a pair suited for both work and play.

      Explore our range, which includes Boys Patent School Shoes, Boys Brown & Blue School Shoes, Boys Primary and Secondary School Shoes.

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      Boys School Shoes

      Looking for smart, durable yet comfortable school shoes for boys?

      Browse our range of boys’ school shoes that fulfil the uniform rules without compromising on style. From black leather lace-ups to easy-fasten slip-on, we bring you school shoes from Term Footwear at incredible prices.

      Black School Shoes for Boys

      Play it smart with our black school shoes for boys, available in classic and modern styles. These shoes are practical, lightweight, and sturdy with premium black leather.  

      Black is the standard, timeless, and classic colour for school shoes. It suits every school uniform, our black school shoes for boys are available in various fittings and sizes. So, you’re sure to find the perfect pair for your schoolboy. Choose a pair of easy-to-wear slip-on, hardwearing touch tape shoes for boys, and many more styles.

      Boys Leather School Shoes

      Shop a pair of high-quality leather school shoes for boys and ensure that your child looks smarter on the playground, in the classroom and beyond. Our leather school shoes are waterproof, comfortable, breathable, and durable. So, your boy is always ready for whatever his school days brings.

      Whether you're looking for fuss-free leather slip-on or prefer a comfy pair of leather lace-up shoes, our collection has got you covered. Moreover, our boys’ leather school shoes are easy to clean using a soft cloth or shoe brush.

      Boys Lace-up School Shoes

      Lace-up shoes for boys are the traditional look yet always trendy in design. There's a unique elegance in this style that no other type of fastening can replace. Browse our full range of lace-up school shoes for boys today.

      Whether you're looking to buy school shoes for your 5-year-old, 10-year-old, or a teen, you'll be able to find the right pair with the perfect fit for your child. For quality, style, durability, and comfort, you can confidently shop from our boys' lace-up school shoes collection.

      With a smart and more casual styles, our lace-up school shoes give the best of both worlds!

      Teenage School Shoes for Boys

      When your boy starts to near manhood, they need teenager-appropriated shoes that look professional and smart. But, most importantly, you need a pair of school shoes for teenage boys which don't cramp their style.

      So, if you're looking for school shoes for boys aged between 13 and 19, look no further. Term Footwear brings you our hand-picked collection of teenage school shoes for boys. Choose from fuss-free slip-on, elegant lace-ups and even slip-on styles to make their school year more stylish.

      Browse our full range of teen school shoes for boys today!

      Boys Slip-on School Shoes

      Did you know that the slip-on style was invented in the UK?

      At Term Footwear, we bring you a great collection of boy’s slip-on school shoes designed in the UK, made with sustainably sourced premium leather. The streamlined design, ease of getting on and off, and comfortable build make this style a popular choice, especially among teenage boys.

      Shop the perfect pair of school shoes for boys!