New Wave kids wellies

An Ode To The Wellington Boot

How do you go about choosing your wellies? Each pair of our Term Footwear wellies come bubbling with a distinct personality, to match your kids.

As cheese is to crackers, children are to splashing in puddles - as the weather turns firmly into autumn, complete with copious amounts of rain, wellies are a necessity in all of our wardrobes.

Seen as the trusty steed of footwear, wellies come with a reputation for withstanding the elements, for every mahooosive puddle jumped over (and in), for every bridge crossed in the countryside, and for every piece of mud that is bound to be navigated on even (what as parents you thought was) the most mundane route…

Term Footwear kids wellies with sock liners being worn in the snow by two girls.

Crafted with longevity in mind – from infant to toddlers to kids – growing with your child, as removal of the sock makes these wellies one size larger.

No matter the weather, come rain or shine, and no matter the season, come autumn, winter, spring or summer, the wellington boot takes the award for the most versatile footwear. So what personality of our wellies suit your kid best?

Is it the brightest of the bunch that sings to your child’s rainbow desires? Is it the fluffiest possible to keep tootsies safe from the chill? Or is it shiny is best (until of course the second coating of the outdoors…..)? Take a look at our range of colours and styles to choose the pair most suited for you.

An ode to the wellington boots

An ode to the wellies that keep our feet dry
An ode to the wellies that keep our feet warm
An ode to the wellies that slip on as easy as pie
An ode to the wellies that fit me to form.

Its the wellies that last
Its the wellies that shine
Its the wellies that go fast
Its the wellies of best design

The wave welly with sock
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Rolltop childrens wellies by term footwear rain rain come and play!