Willow Black Girls Shoes

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For on-trend kids, the Willow is new from Term for 2021. The chunky, strong grip and fashionable sole makes this black school shoe grown up and iconic. The slip-on moccasin design is practical and a very popular style amongst school kids. No more time consuming fastenings, just slip on and go! The Willow also provides Term special comfort features including a soft padded collar at the heel - ban blisters! The memory foam insoles provide extra comfort for a long school day too. At a time when school shoes that look like trainers are in fashion, we think the Willow is a great school shoe option - for style, comfort and fashion.

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NEW Fashion Leather School Shoe

Keep Feet Safe and Secure 

High Quality Leather

Flexible and Rugged Sole

Memory Foam Insole

Designed in the UK