Traditional Navy School Shoes

Traditional School Shoes

Typically, School Shoes today are made from cow leather and dyed black, offering an easy-to-care-for, smart, and formal or casual shoe.

In days past School Shoes were Brown or Navy, following the tradition of Men’s and Ladies' formal wear. A shoe polish kit would inevitably have a Black and Brown tin of polish.

Navy Lace up school trainers / school shoes

Recently with a return to formal uniforms, schools have guided parents and children back to the early trends of wearing Brown and Navy styles.

Here at Term, we have used the traditional colours with a modern twist. Navy styles such as the Chivers and Maxx, satisfying tradition with today’s rough and tumble of the playground. Cotton thread laces are replaced with tough elastic laces and touch-fastening, leather soles with active rubber for flexibility and foot care.

Boys Navy School Shoes

Brown formal styles have rubber flexible soles so kicking a football or running for the bus isn’t painful and blister causing.

Further new styles are coming in both colours for back to school, watch this space.

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