Kids Shoe Recycling with Rubery Schools Community Swop Shop

‘Swop’ Old Shoes for Fuzzy Feels and Discount Codes

Want to help the planet?
Want to help others?
Want to get rid of your kid’s old school shoes this year and save some money whilst you’re at it?

There’s an easy way to do it all; making full use of our partnership with the incredible midlands-based charity, Rubery Schools Community Swop Shop.

Term Footwear Teaming up with Rubery Schools Community Swop Shop for donating kids school shoes

What is the Rubery Schools Community Swop Shop?

The Rubery Schools Community Swop Shop are a charity providing free, preloved school uniform to Birmingham and beyond. Our partnership and support for such a good cause stems from the understanding that uniforms can be expensive; school shoes are a large proportion of those costs. The School Swop Shop offers you the perfect chance to give those outgrown school shoes a second chance at life, and a child’s chance for some proper footwear. Not only will you get money off your next pair of Term Footwear shoes, but you will be a fundamental part in helping families, in tricky circumstances, across the UK.

How about saving the planet too?

It’s not even just about the feel-good factor. Schemes like the Swop Shop encourage mindful recycling of goods, especially when they are still entirely functional, but just simply too small for the next school year. More recycling on new feet = less shoes in landfills. Partnerships like these embody our values, empowering not just us as a company, but each and every one of our customers too.

Term Footwear Recycle Logo

So how can I get both a warm fuzzy feeling for doing my part AND a great deal not to be missed?

We want you to get involved since every child deserves proper school shoes. As a thank you, for each pair of (still wearable) school shoes you box up and send directly to the amazing team at Rubery Schools Community Swop Shop, we will give you a 20% discount code off a brand new Term Footwear pair of shoes, ready for the next school year! It's as easy as 1,2,3...

1) Dig out and box up your kid's old school shoes.

2) Post your old school shoes to the Rubery Schools Community Swop Shop using the donation form.

3) Gain a 20% discount code as a thank you, via social media if you post and tag us, or email us proof at

Step with purpose, and make a difference by recycling your old school shoes today.

Term Footwear continued support of recycling school shoes to the local community