Pre order schools shoes

Preorder project - making Sole Buddy happen!

100% Funded | Thank you, Backers!

We cannot believe our eyes! Thank you to your support and generosity, we have nearly reached our goal. Backing us simply because you believe in us, is going to make this happen and we are delighted and extremely thankful.

Help us to get over the line

Please spread the word to your friends and family to back this project to make Sole Buddy come to life. If they do not need school shoes, they can pledge any amount from £1! It doesn't sound much but if everyone who liked our Facebook posts did this, we would now be over the line. Each pledge is important to us. You can even donate a pair of shoes to a keyworker or person in need, simply pledge for your chosen reward and we will contact you at the time of delivery to confirm who you would like your pair of Sole Buddy to be donated to. Watch out for updates next week when we will give more information about donating your shoes. We're nearly there thanks to you!

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pre order school shoes