Lockdown too - Term Footwear

Lockdown too - Term Footwear

Here at Term footwear we’ve been trying to figure out the effect of the second lockdown and what it means to us all.
We were warmed by this fantastic video sent to us by a Kendal based photographer, Ian Wood. In this video Ian’s son runs through the woods in Kendal, skipping, jumping, free!

It struck us that just getting out and about can make the world of difference to our little ones who sense something isn’t right during these odd times.

We are far from experts so we chatted to Dorset Mind (our local charity, Mind are based all over the country and have a charity near you)

This is what they say in their blog;

The five ways to wellbeing by Mind

‘Regular physical activity is associated with lower rates of depression and anxiety. It can also help you think clearer and concentrate better in school, have more energy, sleep better and help you push yourself. The exercise doesn’t need to be intense; it can involve getting off the bus a stop early before school, using the stairs instead of the lift or stretching out in the morning’

It’s worth a read for us grown ups too, we’re so busy running the website, designing shoes and wellies we forget to take notice of our surroundings.

Dorset Mind recommends grounding yourself in the moment. Lots of brain power goes towards worrying about what has happened or what is going to happen. We spend little time focusing on the present.

So perhaps follow Ian and his son and get outside! Stay safe.

(Term Wellies bought from Little Brogues Windemere