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Black friday sale at Term Footwear!

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Black Friday is almost upon us and it’s going to be unlike any Black Friday we have ever seen. COVID-19 has challenged us in every way imaginable this year and it’s not over yet.  

How has COVID changed your shopping habits? Many of us are missing the opportunity to go into shops and the experience the magic of trying clothes on, seeing the products face to face, talking to others in the shop about the products and getting our feet measured.   

Fear not, here at Term Footwear we can answer all your Black Friday needs. Visit our website to view our exclusive fitting gauge which is free to download and print off to use whenever and wherever. All you need to do is print the gauge and simply cut out with scissors, fold all the relevant tabs and secure with Sellotape. Simple! We recommend printing from a computer or laptop straight to a printer as opposed to printing from a smartphone or tablet to ensure that the measurements are correct.  

Here at Term Footwear we have an extensive array of footwear for your kids every need. There are plenty different options to choose from in our Black Friday sale also, including school shoes, trainers and boots. The options are endless and brilliant idea for those fashion-conscious kids of yours.  

All of our shoes are UK made and designed, so when you support us you are supporting UK brands.  

Teach your children computer skills - get them to google, find the fitting gauge, print it, stick it and measure and order Adults of course must do the payment part...

Lock down is nearly over but that means we should still be careful about shopping in stores for a long time until the Coronavirus vaccine has been launched officially.